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WG Screen Saver Creator Version 1.0

WG-ScreenSaver 1.0 Characteristics Italian English
Dimensions 5,27 MB
Compatibility O/S Windows® 98, XP, 2000/NT, Vista or Windows® 7
Distribution Freeware
Languages English and Italian
Screen Shots Screen Shots
It unloads the program Download Download WG-ScreenSaver Creator 1.0

With WG-ScreenSaver Creator you will be able to create all the Screen Saver that desires with little click in fast and easy way.

WG-ScreenSaver allows you to create your Scren Saver personalizes using images JPG, GIF, and Animated GIF, BMP, ICO and SWF (file flash).
You can use the files ones flash for of the ScreenSaver only and multimediali

Finally a program in order to create of the Screen free Saver and all in Italian. For who it wishes it's possible to select the version in English language.

WG-ScreenSaver creates easy of the screen saver using your the preferred photos, video, animations flash or your images. The possible combinations are limited only from your creativity.
Ideal also in order to create ScreenSaver with the logo of your company.

WG-ScreenSaver Creator V. 1.0 are an offered free software from WebGraffiti.it for personal use, are prohibited the commercialization and the distribution for the sake of money or improper of the product.

The software is of property of the WEBGRAFFITI that of it it guarantees integrity and the absence of virus, troian or other malware. However the decision to unload and to install WG-Screensaver Ver. 1.0 are yours, therefore the WEBGRAFFITI does not assumes not responsibility for eventual caused direct or indirect damages from just the software.


Poesie / Donne single / GIF arretrati / Clip Art / Donne nude / Super video / DVD tettone / Donne nude

WG-Screensaver Compatible Windows 7