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FAQ WG Screen Saver Creator 1.0

WG-ScreenSaver FAQ Italiano English

1) Who can use this software ?
The software is very easy to use. Every single user be it a child or a house wife or any professional can use the software to create screen saver from images & videos.

2) What are the main requirements for this software ?
The software runs on Windows® 98, XP, 2000/NT and Vista. The software also needs to have .NET framework 2.0 installed on the machine.

3) What if the framework is not installed on the machine ?
The .NET framework is installed by default in Windows Vista®. For other compatible windows operating system, you can download the .NET framework from the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/

4) I used a software to create screen saver from bitmaps. It was really cool and I liked the idea. Can I do that in this software ?
Yes, definitely. Not only you can create from bitmaps.You can also use JPG and GIF images to create screen saver. Also, you can use flash videos(swf) for creating screen savers.

5) How can I run the software ?
The installer creates a shortcut on windows desktop and Program Menu. You can use either of the shortcut to run the software.

6) How can I uninstall the application ?
You can remove the application from Add/Remove Programs from Windows Control Panel.



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